The Top 10 Traits of a Female Role Model

20 May

Are you a woman holding a political office?  The manager of a group of people, a mentor, or a leader of any kind?  Do you fancy yourself a possible role model?  Then read on to see how your personality traits stack up against what our survey respondents say are the top characteristics of a female role model.

The results are in! With 69 people responding to our ongoing survey on Female Role Models, we now know which traits you think a good female role model should have.  The Wordle above summarizes our total findings, where the 10 answers which received the most votes were the following:

Trait & Number of Votes:
1.  Intelligent – 62
2.  Determined – 52
3.  Strong – 47
4.  Talented -42
5.  Honest – 40
6.  Brave – 39
7.  Reliable – 34
8.  Generous – 32
9.  Ambitious – 30
10.  Powerful & Outspoken – 27 each

When given the option to randomly note the most important trait a female role model should have, again “intelligent” was the top response, and the total feedback looked like this:

Other traits you thought identified female role models include “kind,” “resilient,” “generous,” and “somehow has perfected the balance between successful career and family.”  Oh, and my favorite:  “Unflappability.”  Now, I don’t even know if that’s a word, but I’m sure we all know exactly what it means!

So, thank you to everyone from around the world who’s filled in our survey, and now, please tell us:  Do you know any women who represent the female role model attributes we have identified here?  If so, please share their names with us so we can get the world out about them.

For the record, we’re especially interested in hearing about those s/heroes who’ve mastered the fine art of “unflappability”!  😉

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