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Female Role Model Survey – Report #1

29 Apr

Data is rolling in on our first Women Role Model Survey. Thank you for your incredible feedback — keep it coming! Meantime, please check out what kinds of female role models our respondents have!

Sith Lady Lumiya, A Role Model for the Digital Age - from starwars.wiki.com

In response to the question “Please tell us what kind of female role models you have,” of 32 respondents so far, the answers broke down as follows:

Percent – Response
1. 75.00% – Family Member (Mother, Aunt, Sister, etc.)
2. 68.80% – Personal Friend or Acquaintance
3. 59.40% – Public Figure or Celebrity (Politician, Athlete, TV/Music/Movies Star, etc.)
4. 31.30% – School Figure (Teacher, Professor, School Counselor, etc.)
5. 31.30% – Mentor (Professional or Other)
6, 28.10% – Other/Comment(*)
7. 25.00% – Virtual Friend or Acquaintance (Someone you mostly have contact with online)
8. 21.90% – Fictional Character (From a TV Show, Movie, Video Game, Book, etc.)
9. 18.80% – Religious or Civic Community Figure
10. 6.30% – Sport or Other Social Club Member

(*)Of people who said “Other”, the comments included: “Female writers,” “Ada Byron,” “Colleagues,” “authors, politicians or trade unionists,” “many role models in Albanian society,” “I followed my own path,” “a man” and… “a Sith”!

I must confess that the last comment came from a personal role model very near and dear to my own heart. 🙂

Stay tuned, as we’ll be putting more of your answers (and more questions for you to answer ;-)) online every day. And if you haven’t yet had time to fill out the quick, five-minute survey, please be sure to do so!

And, of course, THANK YOU all for your awesome input! The more you share, the more we learn about this very important topic!